IMF’s Lagarde mentions ‘Reset’ ten times, calls for ‘move to another monetary policy’

Posted: 28th Mar 2014
Author: Willem Middelkoop

Schermafbeelding 2014-03-28 om 08.46.41We now have a second video (kuddo’s to ) in which Christine is promoting the reset-concept. It is quite clear, IMF’s Christine Lagarde has a ‘BIG RESET’ on her mind.

She actually mentions ‘reset’ more than ten times in a 2.30 minutes time frame. By using the R-word again and again she demonstrates the roll out of a IMF-strategy to prepare us for a coming change in the world wide financial system.

He some of her remarks;

“The financial sector regulatory environment has to be finalized and has to be constantly reexamined, reformed and organized in such a way that it responds to the creativity on the financial markets, that’s reset number one.

“Reset number two ..  is a reset of the monetary policies by most central bank of the advanced economies. They’ve been going into unconventional territories. They’ve have done a great job at keeping the crisis at the level where it was, but now gradually they’re going to have to move to another monetary policy.”





6 responses to “IMF’s Lagarde mentions ‘Reset’ ten times, calls for ‘move to another monetary policy’”

  1. Larry Edlund says:

    Will this include a Gold Standard and SDR’s as a global currency?

    • Of course not, she (they) will abolish physical money (coins, banknotes) and they will impose creditcards and the like in order to be able to control (and, why not, manipulate) each individual, his/her purchases and sales and… wherabouts.
      In addition probably “money creation” in the line of what the U.S. Federal Reserve has been doing over the past years.

    • Probably there will be a ‘gold component’ but not a full gold standard. The SDR might act as a new world reserve currency.

  2. Stefaan Deroover says:

    Reset button in human terms means a global devaluation, followed by a world war, as history of the previous millennium learned us, I suppose ?

  3. Michiel Oor says:

    This should include materialism and owners rights as well to stop loosing assets, didnt the SDR’s promote that to happen?
    Will it stop confiscation of companies by criminals as well?
    Will the new board be able to keep on endorcing and enchanment of the right people?

    I think the tapering of 2 billiard a day of the Fed has cost me heavily to mutch air that should be used by ECB and than well guided to the new owners. The selling of our health system in The Netherlands made this strongly protected asset of me open to the poor and sick. I may hope they feel better now. But what will they do back?
    Differently said, the warriors got love of live and they lived it empty. where the americans attacked there thread to love they have eaten there own live and brought it under there own attackers, so Muslim wins.
    Differently said,. US over EU till EU is empty than Africa over EU by forcing US to do that. It is a game of Puttin known and designed after the cold war. If this continues,. There is one secret way and that is for EU going to Australia and reciving USSA enchanment for 15 years, than it can hop back above africa again, ofcourse after discussion and agreement like democrasy is ment to be, not like having or getting the strongest and highest force what everybody is trying to recieve.
    The biggest question of this chase that is going on to people is what will you do with your force. Get more? Stabalize? Organize? They all use it to get more, and than hide it savely for a rainy day. that is an economical essents of saving accounts. But those accounts are stolen, and the banks misused that force, or directly used that force to keep it, but they lost it for there own benifit. So the winnings are not usable anymore.
    The first law of Newton is Action is Reaction. So who’s idea is it to save after Action in a Bank where employees do other things with it.
    An importand law of esotery is to use the same force in the same line it is ment to be by the owner of it, not by anyone else. How can a judge repair what the criminal has done, only by giving the criminal its live to the victim but the guards of the victim use it for them selves and it is not possbile to get to the victim for it. And the victim gets crazy because of the mess recieved by the influences of the organisation of the prison itself.
    So the victim gets money for it to compansate. But that is a complete different energy and not possible to use the same way live has had its evoluation. so it becomes rotten, or it builds on rotten ground, no tree can live on that for long,.,.,.

    The reset should not be to creativity simply because creativity is nessasary to find other ways to live on. Creativity is designed to create posbilities that do not fit in the system that is mandated to mutch and has to complex rules that are not able to build on anymore. In other words. Every legal posibility is already taken and kills all new enterpeneurs, that is the reason why there is constand development of new products simply because the force against using it kills the worker who made it. Like the cook gets eaten himself, like the farmer looses from its own cows, like the teacher gets crazy of its own knowing, like the boss gets coacht by its own workers, like the queen eats its own children.
    But the natural force against the worker could bring a good development that holds the agression against the using. Not new products, but keep on using the same product till you learn how to deal with it, till you learn how to produce it well, till you learn how to reach your users the best way. simply repeating or reproductive learning is the best way to pass through time with it. Not the crazyness of marketing, or the companies who use apple to build a toaster.
    The way it goes now is to go back for what you have sold or made, to bring it under your clients to enchant it, but than you can never build something else again. That part is not understood. Its force should be directly invested in building new products the same way by quantum pressureing and bouncing on it. and it should never been fucked on like the freud idea’s, simply because many people fuck to kill, not to make love. When the underbelly is locked well enough nobody can reach it, but russia lost that position and used it differently,
    I can still see the red face of A Merkel when she negotiated with puttin together with obama, turning red again and again, the sweet women did not understand what was happening to them. All the angry and fighting germans started to talk friendly sweet and nice. It will take time for them to learn to stop talking like that because you simply cannot share your love with everyone. Than you loose control over your own assets and strength of using your apliances and your knowlege. In other words, people fuck themselves with it talking like that. Talking in force is just as bad, it is only to use once, than you have lost it.
    Talking came with marketing and comunication and was originaly build by companies during the production proces. The love of the product is made strong by that and in a good strong wisely build system and feeling that is reseavable by buying the product.
    and why is it spread out on facebook by using that. and spread out on chat rooms. Simply because in the digital world it is not possible to see what people are worth so they type it, and every word written is loosing its power and asset.
    people do that because of lack of connection posbilities of digital comunication. When you can see the smile you know you did well, when you dont see it, you try again till you feel it in digital, but it never comes, it comes in other ways you did not want it to be in the first place.

    Those ritchest companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook etc all technoligy suck up most money to get to live but they produce dead, so they should not invest in live with it.
    Live is not understand by a killer because all investments will get lost in a black hole again and again. so once your money is in that, you will be sucked empty with it like an adiction.
    There is only one sollution for that, and that is stay away from it, build something of your own or for a boss and friendly with love and honasty ask gently to him to leave you alone with it and to do the best thing you can do yourself for it. a coach can help, but can only set you locked in your system, more you should not ask from him. A manager should be able to do the same. A teacher can prepair you for your choice or task by getting only into that proces and you should never try to do something else than you are build for, than you can build your own star and make it shine of the happyness the users give you for it back. Money.
    When you suckup or conquer other stars you should know you have an infant child inside that could misbehave, just like facebook bought appchat. It only gives you another problem and if suckerburg uses it to close its holes or problems he will find out that he is chanceing his essence to mongolism. But who cares, the essence was stolen anyway, build on others who are now mutating. Ofcourse you need a medical docter to be your wife than because the bleeding does not stop.

    I can give that man simply one great advise and that is do something else, because there is no doctor who can repair those wounds. There is no investor who heals those wounds.
    The only way is using your own strength with your own tools you can buy from a reliable store to repair yourself. Smart or hero war militaries also repair there own wounds.
    who wants a soft or crying docter next to your pain. it gets wurce, old builders, reevalutated builders, exactly know how to use there tools by burning the whole with electricity harder and harder and than start the proces to be gentle to it, than it will grow closed and recover again to its origin, maybe it will grow futher again because the water underneath it is still running.
    It is simply seen on a smal river that does not take a straight line, it has its reasons to make curves and bents. blood acts partly the same way when you have taken another body.

    • Doude says:

      As long as there is no work for all in the developed countries there is a problem. Why is there no work for all? If you want to compete with other companies you have to go outside Europe, somewhere in Asia to find workers who are eager to work for you against 10% of the wages payed in Europe. There is a false competition between workers in the developed countries and the coutries as Bangladsh or Vietnam, Africa and even China. North America and Europe should agree on an import duty from these coutries based on the difference in wagelevel. Material prices are about the same, wages differ. The import duty has to be made such that the low wage countries can compete on even ground with our workers, but not on wagecosts, but on quality and service. So it pays again to make our own telephones and textile, and cars and other serial products in our own country. There are a lot of people now who cannot find work because they have not studied or are to stupid, or sudied something where is no work for. In eralier times these people started in the serial industry. We have to stop giving them social support but give work instead. It means that some products will be more expensive as now.
      but the benefits are not only for Europe and North America, but also for the other coutries, as there is no more reason to keep the wages ther as low as now.

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