The Big Reset Revised


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War on Gold and the Financial Endgame

A system reset seems imminent. The world’s financial system will need to find a new anchor around 2020. Since the beginning of the credit crisis, the US realised the dollar will lose its role as the world’s reserve currency, and has been planning for a monetary reset. This reset will be designed to keep the US in the driver’s seat, allowing the new monetary system to include significant roles for other currencies such as the euro and China’s renminbi. Gold could well be re-introduced as one of the pillars of the new global financial system. By looking past the American ‘smokescreen’ surrounding gold and the dollar long ago, China and Russia have been accumulating massive amounts of gold reserves, positioning themselves for this more prominent monetary role for gold in the future. The reset will come as a shock to many. The Big Reset will help everyone who wants to be fully prepared.

The Big Reset is a worldwide bestseller, currently available in English, Chinese, German and Dutch. In 2016 Portuguese, Polish and Arabic editions will become available.

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