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Saxo bank: ‘Endgame for Central Bankers’

Posted: 22nd Jan 2015
Author: Willem Middelkoop

After the SNB suddenly abandoned the CHF ceiling last week Steen Jakobsen, chief Economist & CIO at Saxo Bank tells the world  ‘central banks have lost credibility’ and he even predicts ‘the beginning of the end for central banks will be well under way.’ He even asks his readers the ‘bigger question: Why is it that Read the full article…

Trichet: Rules for a new global financial order discussed with China

Posted: 7th Nov 2014
Author: Willem Middelkoop

According to Jean-Claude Trichet, former president of the European Central Bank , ‘new rules’ about ‘a new global financial order’ have been discussed with China. In his speech during the yearly prestigious IFF Forum Mr. Trichet explained a new financial reset was needed because, ‘The global economy and global finance have reached the turning point, Read the full article…

Largest bank China (ICBC) admits: ‘A new global currency setup is being conceived.’

Posted: 16th Jul 2014
Author: Willem Middelkoop

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the largest bank of China, and second largest in the world, recently confirmed that ‘a new global currency setup is being conceived’.  The news, first published by, came after Jeremy East, Managing Director at Standard Chartered Bank, asked Zhou Ming, General Manager of the Precious Metals Department at Read the full article…

Former Fed chairman Paul Volcker proposes a Big Monetary Reset (A new Bretton Woods)

Posted: 8th Jun 2014
Author: Willem Middelkoop

Because we don’t have much time we quote on this story; One of the conventional justifications by tenured economists for a fiat currency regime, especially as a replacement for a gold, or other hard currency, standard, is that the financial system has been far more stable under a non-gold standard regime. While we have frequently Read the full article…